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Two-up has also been legalised on Anzac Day, when it is played in Returned Servicemen’s League (RSL) clubs and hotels. Under the NSW Gambling (Two-Up) Act 1998, playing two-up in NSW is not unlawful on Anzac Day.

This event is open to members and their guests.

Drink responsibly.

Anzac Day Two-Up

Arena Sports Lounge
25 Apr 2024

Celebrate Anzac Day with the historic game of Two-Up at Central Coast Leagues Club on Thursday, 25th April, from 2:00pm until 5:00pm. Join us in a salute to our heroes with a coin-tossing tradition that dates back to the First World War. Gather your mates for an afternoon filled with remembrance, camaraderie, and the unique thrill of Two-Up.

Enjoy special food offerings as we pay tribute to the ANZAC spirit. Let’s stand united in the spirit of mateship and honour the sacrifices of our servicemen and women.

Lest we forget.

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