Club Grants

Since 2018, Central Coast Leagues Club has proudly supported our local communities ClubGRANTS recipients with a total donation of

$ 0

Are you a local charity or organisation in need of funding for a worthy cause or community project?

ClubGRANTS is one of Australia’s largest grant programs, providing more than $100 million in cash each year to a variety of causes across NSW.

About Club Grants

Central Coast Leagues Club (CCLC) is pleased to be a significant contributor to the quality of life in the Central Coast community and strives to meet and exceed our obligations under the ClubGRANTS Funding Scheme, mandated by Gaming Tax legislation.

Category 1 Grants

The CCLC focus for funding in Category 1 is to develop long term strategic partnerships with organisations that deliver great outcomes in contributing to our Central Coast community in areas of:

  • Community Welfare and Social Services
  • Community Development 
  • Community Health Services 
  • Employment Assistance Activities
Applications Now Open

CCLC ClubGRANTS Category 1

Applications will open 6 July 2023 and close 23 July 2023

Applicants will be notified and funding will be provided to successful applicants after this date has passed.

Please note if prior funding has been provided the appropriate reporting must be submitted before further funding is considered. For more information on reporting please see 

Category 2 Grants

CCLC Category 2 funding are intended for local sporting and other local community development and support services organisations. These grants are not available for individuals seeking funding.

Applications Are Currently Closed

CCLC ClubGRANTS Category 2

Applications for ClubGRANTS Category 2 Round 2 are currently closed for the remainder of 2023.

Please note if prior funding has been provided the appropriate reporting must be submitted before further funding is considered. For more information on reporting please see


Grant Guidelines

Applicants should read the ClubGRANTS Guidelines to determine whether they are eligible for funding.  For guidelines and more information click here to go to the ClubGRANTS website.

Central Coast Leagues Club runs two Grant rounds per year. To apply in any one of these rounds, please ensure your application is in by the deadline specified. Late applications will be need to be resubmitted in the next round.

Further information on how to apply for ClubGRANTS is available on the ClubsNSW Grants website or by calling MEC on 1300 730 001.

If the query is CCLC specific, please contact Chloe Hale at or call 4325 9873.

Club grant expenditure

If you would like to learn more about how Central Coast Leagues Club contributes to our chosen programs, you can view our ‘Club Grant Expenditure’ document below:

How to apply?

Applying for ClubGRANTS funding is quick and easy. All funding is processed locally and community groups can contact their local clubs at any time for information and advice. ClubGRANTS is also flexible, allowing clubs to provide support efficiently, and often as soon as a need emerges.

To be eligible to apply, you should be a not-for-profit organisation and provide the following project and/or services:

  • community welfare or social services
  • community development
  • community health services employment assistance activities.

You are also eligible if you or your organisation are involved in community or professional sport.

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