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Central Coast Rewards

Rewarding Your Loyalty

Welcome to Central Coast Rewards, Central Coast Leagues Club’s premier loyalty program, designed with our members in mind. Here, loyalty transcends mere visits; it’s an appreciation of the quality experiences and personal recognition that you’ve earned.

Our program is structured across five tiers, each offering a suite of member benefits crafted to enrich your time with us. As you ascend through the tiers, you’ll unlock new levels of enjoyment and exclusive perks that compliment your Club experience.

Your membership card is more than just access; it’s a gateway to a series of rewards and acknowledgments that await you with each use at Central Coast Leagues Club.

Join us in a celebration of loyalty, where every member is a VIP and every visit is an opportunity to enjoy more of what you love.

Federation of Community, Sporting and Workers Clubs​

Central Coast Leagues Club is an affiliate of the Federation of Community Sporting & Workers Club.

FCSWC offers affordable holiday experiences to its members, with 110 self-contained apartments across three-holiday resorts along the east coast of NSW, including Urunga, Fingal Bay and Sussex Inlet.

As a member of Central Coast Leagues Club, you can take advantage of discounted rates on accommodation at FCSWC.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes you can. Simply notify us in writing that you do not wish to participate in the program. If your membership card has been activated and you use it for eligible transactions, you will be participating in the program unless you notify us in writing that you wish to opt out.

You can earn rewards points by using your membership card on eligible transactions within the Club, including purchases at Welcome Centre, Wildwood, Seed & Vine, and Arena Sports Lounge. 

No. Loyalty points expire on the 30th of June each year for Bronze and Silver members. Rose Gold, Gold, and Platinum members keep their points, pending their tier level on 30th of June each year.

1 reward point is the equivalent of $0.01. The minimum spend with points on redemptions is $0.01. Point cannot be redeemed for cash.

Simply swipe your membership card at the Reward’s Kiosk located throughout the Club. Your total points value can be seen via the touch screen prompts.

No. Spending points is encouraged for additional discounts, where applicable. Status credits are used to determine a members tier level only, and are not affected by redemptions or spend within the Club.

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