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Central Coast Leagues Club Cybersecurity Incident

Central Coast Leagues Club has been made aware of a cybersecurity incident involving a third-party IT provider used by it and commonly used by hospitality venues, including a number of clubs. There have also been reports in the media referring to several clubs and hospitality venues, including Central Coast Leagues Club.

The impacted provider supplied technology and services to assist us with our Club sign-in process from June 2021 to February 2023. Central Coast Leagues Club has not used this provider since February 2023 and continues to not utilise the services of the third-party IT provider in question. The products used have been removed from the Club.

While limited information is currently known, we understand that some personal information of members and visitors of clubs may have been compromised. We are, of course, concerned and are taking urgent action to protect our members, guests, and patrons.

We can advise that the appropriate authorities have been notified by the third-party IT provider and Liquor and Gaming NSW has also been advised by ClubsNSW.

We wish to assure club members and guests that additional updates will be provided once further details are confirmed. In the interim, club patrons are advised to take extra caution when reviewing emails or texts and to avoid clicking on any suspicious or unfamiliar links.

Please contact to discuss the matter further.

Edward Camilleri
Chief Executive Officer
Central Coast Leagues Club

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